MacOS rental for developers

Get your remote Mac in the cloud to work with Xcode, test apps or work with Apple-exclusive software with no investments in hardware

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Mac in the cloud

Why Rent Mac Server?

Mac M2 in the cloud

Cloud macOS rental: easy & cost-effective

There are ways to create a macOS VM on a Windows-based server: this process takes time and effort only to get mediocre performance. It's much easier to rent a Mac server & get started on your tasks using compatible dedicated hardware that will unleash the full potential of the OS.

Accessing remote Mac through VNC

Quick installation

Renting a Mac in the cloud is the quickest way to get your tasks done without buying an Apple PC. All you need to do is place an order: we will install your server in one of our data centers free of charge & in the shortest possible timeframe. You only need to connect to your Mac using VNC; this won’t take longer than a couple of minutes.

App deployment on Xcode

Work with Xcode remotely

The entire cycle of development in a single environment: create apps for macOS, iOS and other Apple systems using a remote server. Pick a powerful configuration for your project based on the M2 CPU & get access to Apple tools from anywhere in the world; you can use any PC for connection.

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1 month

Benefits of Mac Servers

MacOS in the cloud for testing

Dedicated MacOS server for testing

Test apps for the Apple ecosystem using compatible hardware. Optimize performance, the UI and polish features for users based on accurate data on the app’s performance in an isolated environment. Mac server rental is a great way to get your project to perfection with no significant investments.

M2 Chip

The modern M2 chip: a solution for any task

Get a Mac server based on one of the latest 2nd generation Apple CPUs. Develop software for modern equipment, render media files, create 3D graphics or use machine learning in your work: the powerful hardware of the Apple Mac Mini M2 will handle any of these tasks.

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Getting Mac Server is Easy as a Pie

6 reasons to rent our remote Mac servers

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