Privacy policy

In this document the SIM-Networks company demonstrates respect and compliance each user’s right to protect their confidentiality while visiting the Company’s website and/or using its tools, products and services

SIM-Networks privacy policy

1.1. This Privacy Policy regulates the relations between the Company and the User – a natural person and a legal entity in part of providing and processing personal information of the User.

1.2. This Privacy Policy is a mandatory document and is effective along with the Conditions of Providing Services and the Service-Level Agreement (SLA).

1.3. Privacy Policy describes the methods and the procedures of collecting, processing and use of personal information by the Company.

1.4. Upon registration at the website, the User agrees with all of the documents, mentioned in Paragraph 1.2.

1.5. To accept Privacy Policy the User shall make a respective note «I agree with the conditions of providing services» at the moment of registration on the website which means that the User agrees to the collection, the processing, the use, and the storage of personal information by the Company.

1.6. This Privacy Policy is severable, that is the invalidity of its separate provisions, should they be rendered as such by the resolution of the court at the Federative Republic of Germany, does not make the rest of the document invalid.

1.7. Any modifications to this Privacy Policy shall be posted on the website and shall become effective immediately after their publication. Any further use of the Company’s tools by the User after the modifications to the Privacy Policy have been made means that the User accepts said modifications.

2.1. A User, registering at the website, certifies that he/she is a legally capable person who has come of age (18 years old and older).

2.2. After the registration of the User on the website, his/her Personal User Account is created (hereinafter referred to as User Account), which provides access to the resources of the website, additional tools, and the Company’s payment system (billing).

2.3. The registration on the website means the permit (consent) of the registered person (User), given to the Company, which owns the website, to collect, store, process and use in any other way the person’s personal information.

2.4. The User may request that his User Account is deleted contacting the Company at the email, provided below. In this case the User understands and consents that he/she will no longer be able to access the website and use the tools via the deleted user account, however he/she may create a new use account. The Company may decide to store information, pertaining to the User Account (including deleted account) at their database.

3.1. For the purposes of this Privacy Policy personal information of the User includes any information, allowing to identify him/her not only as a website User (login, passport, etc.), but also as a real natural person, including, but not limited to, the following information: first name, last name, patronymic; date of birth; place of residence; region; email address; other information, provided by the User in a personal information section.

3.2. The Company may check whether the information, indicated by the User at the moment of registration, is actually true and belongs to him/her using any lawful method.

3.3. In case if the Company has reasonable grounds to believe that the personal information of the User is false, the Company may suggest that the User specifies (corrects) his/her personal information. In certain cases the Company may request documents, verifying the identity of the User.

3.4. Personal information of the Users, registered on the website, regardless of their place of residence and the official registration, shall be stored and used on the territory of Germany, where the Company’s servers are located.

3.5. The Company may collect, process and store any information, provided by the Users on the website by means of entering information into the inquiry form, or provided by any other means. Such information includes, but is not limited to: personal information (refer to Paragraph1); IP-address (refer to Paragraph 6); browser information (refer to Paragraph 6); information on visited pages (including cookies – refer to Paragraph 6); information, entered into the inquiry forms; other ways of entering information on the website.

3.6. The Company uses cookies and log files on their website to receive User information.   Cookie files contain little information, which is transferred by the Company’s web-server through the User’s web-browser and is stored on the User’s hard drive.  Cookie files are used to improve the quality of services, provided by the Company by means of storing the User settings, for internal analytics, as well as for development of marketing activity of the Company. Log files are log records of the Company’s server, which are generated automatically and which record certain information, including, but not limited to: web-inquiry; IP-address; browser type and language; date and time of inquiry.

3.7. The purpose of processing personal information is to identify the User at the moment of using the Company’s services.

3.8. The use of personal information, entered by the User at the moment of using the Company’s services, includes but is not limited to: trade transaction and/or service rendition; providing website and tools access to the User, and improvement of the website and tools quality; providing information to the User so that the User can use the website and the tools more effectively; development, administration and monitoring over the User account and verification of the rights to access the services and the software; communication with the User in order to inform him/her about any modifications or changes of the tools, or the provided services; assessment of the level of service, monitoring of traffic and the popularity index of various service modes; marketing activity of the Company; compliance with this Privacy Policy; submission of complaints and responding to the submitted complaints; protection of the rights and legal interests of the User, the Company, other Users of the Company and third parties according to the current laws of the Federative Republic of Germany.

3.9. The Company shall store the personal information of the User during the term, required for rendition of the services.

3.10. The Company may use the information of the User to receive general information for internal use and for sharing with other persons on a selective basis. The term «general information» means information with no unique aspect (without additional information it is impossible to determine where such information belongs to) for a potential detection of clients, target pages or end users, which were modified or joined for providing general, anonymous information. Personal information and the identity of the User shall be stored anonymously in General information.

4.1. Confidentiality of personal information shall be maintained according to the current laws of the Federative Republic of Germany.

4.2. The Company respects and values confidentiality of personal information of its users and shall undertake every possible measures to protect and secure personal information from unauthorized access, modification, disclosure or deletion. Such measures include: check-up of the processes of collection, storage and processing of information; security measures, including respective data encryption; ensuring physical security of personal information of the clients and website visitors from unauthorized access.

4.3. The Company guarantees that personal information of the User shall not be used in any unlawful way, including explicit intention to cause harm to the User.

4.4. The Company shall not provide any personal information of the User to any third parties without lawful grounds, determined by a resolution of a court of the Federative Republic of Germany; exceptions listed in Paragraphs 4.5. and 4.6 shall be taken into consideration.

4.5. Upon purchase of the service «Domain registration» by the User according to the requirements of the domain names register the information about the domain owner shall be published at the WHOIS system. For this reason personal information of the User (specifically, last name, first name, patronymic, organization name, address, zip code, telephone, e-mail) shall be published in public sources, which are available to any user on the Internet.

4.6. In case of domain transfer (within the scope of the service «Domain registration») the row of domain zones requires verification of the personal identification information of a person, who is a registered owner of the domain name. In such cases the Company requests the User to provide documents in order to identify the owner of the domain and provides them to the registration company.

4.7. The Company guarantees the confidentiality of information, pertaining to the matters of collaboration, service and each individual User, for example, the number and the types of purchased products and services, financial relations of the Company and its clients, et cetera.

4.8. The Company shall not be responsible for the loss of information caused by actions of third parties, including the Company’s Internet provider, software errors, unreliable channels, as well as unlawful actions of hackers and other violators. In case the Company finds out that any of the personal information has been lost, the Company shall notify its users about it within 24 hours as of moment of finding out about such loss, as well as to undertake every possible measure to minimize the negative consequences for the Users and to identify the responsible persons.  

4.9. The Company’s website may contain links to other websites. The Company shall not be responsible for the confidentiality policy or content of such websites. The Company recommends that the Users preliminary read the confidentiality policy of any linked websites to ensure confidentiality of their personal information, as well as take into consideration that the confidentiality policy and the activity of any linked websites may differ from this Privacy Policy and the Company’s operations.

5.1. SIM-Networks receives personal data of the website visitors of two types: clients/ authorized users and non-authorized users.

5.2. Clients/ authorized users are those SIM-Networks website visitors who have completed the sign up process, and the company identifies them by unique credentials. The personal data of clients/ authorized users are received via a registration form that a user fills in once. When using the services, clients/ authorized users exchange additional information with the Company via the official lines of communication accepted by the Company: OTRS (ticketing system), an online chat (the company’s proprietary solution), an online ordering form on SIM-Networks website, an online consultation form on SIM-Networks website, a callback form on SIM-Networks website, IP phones.

5.3. Non-authorized users are those SIM-Networks website visitors who have not completed the sign up process. The personal data of non-authorized users are received via the official lines of communication accepted by the Company: an online chat (the company’s proprietary solution), an online consultation form on SIM-Networks website, a callback form on SIM-Networks website, IP phones.

5.4. It is also possible to use non-official lines of communication with the company – Skype, Facebook messenger, Linkedin messenger. Skype communication is only enabled when a responder gives their explicit consent for processing and temporary storage of their personal data by sending their contact data to the Company or by sending a contact request via a Skype address book. Communication via Facebook messenger and Linkedin messenger is facilitated by Facebook and Linkedin platforms and pre-supposes that the users have registered and authorized themselves using one of those social networks, which, in turn, pre-supposes that the users have agreed to the applicable Facebook and Linkedin policies for their personal data processing and storage.

6.1. SIM-Networks website hosts tools that allow users to share information from SIM-Networks website with social media users on Google+, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Pocket. These tools belong to the above-mentioned media/ companies that apply their own confidentiality policies and cookies, which are not controlled by SIM-Networks. You give your consent for the mentioned social media to process your data when you click on a social media icon and activate it. Please familiarize yourselves with the social media websites for further information on cookie files and the ways to manage them.

6.2. SIM-Networks website uses Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google Search Console, Facebook-pixel, LinkedIn Insight Tag. Each tool gathers various data about the behavior of the website audience: the source information, the date and time when a user was visiting SIM-Networks website, the number of SIM-Networks website visits and the website from which a user has landed on SIM-Networks website. These data enable us to differentiate users and analyze the way they utilize SIM-Networks website.

6.3. SIM-Networks website uses advertisement services by Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Adwords. These services track users, identify that they have visited particular websites and then purposefully demonstrate ads to each user based on the analysis of their website visits and their interests.

6.4. For further information about how Facebook, Linkedin and Google identify visitors, please review our Cookie Policy and the Google, Facebook, LinkedIn websites.

6.5. SIM-Networks website uses to ensure that the website renders correctly on any device. To learn more about how this service operates, please visit its website.

6.6. The Company uses a number of tools for online payments - Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, LiqPay, Bitcoin, Etherium, Litecoin. Still, the Company’s website does not take part in processing, transferring and storing clients’ personal data – we only hold the online payment interface element on SIM-Networks website. Technically, all activities related to paying for the Company’s services happen outside of the Company’s  IT premises.

6.7. The Company uses a tool for sending emails to clients, which is powered by We only send messages to those clients who have given their consent to receive email communication from us. The service applies its own Confidentiality Policy, Terms of Service and other regulatory documents. To learn more about how processes and protects the third-party data it receives, please visit their website.

6.8. The Company uses ReCaptcha powered by Google as a tool for ‘person/ bot’ verification. This tool lets us make sure that someone sending a request or filling in a form on SIM-Networks website is a human being, not a software initiation. To learn more about how Google processes visitors’ data as a part of the ReCaptcha operation, please visit the website

6.9. The Company uses YouTube to host its proprietary videos. To learn more about how Youtube and Google identify users, please visit their websites.

7.1. The User solely controls information, which he/she provides to the Company at the moment of registration, purchase of the products or other services of the Company and the use of the services of the website or any linked websites. The User shall be responsible for maintaining his identity secure, as well as the passwords and/or any other personal information while using the products and/or the services of the Company.

7.2. The User agrees that the Company shall not be responsible for the use and cannot monitor the use of any information, provided by the User via products and/or the services of the Company, by any third parties.

7.3. Similarly, the User agrees that the Company shall not be responsible for the content of personal or any other information, which the User receives from any third parties while using the products and/or the services of the Company.

7.4. The User shall maintain confidentiality of their login and password for accessing their Use account on the Company’s website.

7.5. In case the User learns that their login and password accidentally or intentionally are received by any third parties, the User shall immediately inform the Company about this and create a new login and/or password to their User account.  

7.6. The User shall also limit the access of any third parties to the email, indicated by the User during the registration on the website, since third parties may use such email to receive access to the login and password of the User account, and consequently, to the personal information of the User.

7.7. In case if the User fails to properly maintain confidentiality of the login and password, the User shall be responsible for any unlawful actions, related to the use of said login and password of the User.

8.1. The User may contact the Company at their email regarding all of the matters, related to the confidentiality of the User’s personal information.

8.2. To ensure compliance with the requirements of this Privacy Policy, the User shall timely respond to the Company’s inquiries using his/her email, indicated by the User upon registration on the website.

This Privacy Policy is not final; it may be modified at any time with no special notification. The Company strongly recommends that the User periodically visits the web-page with the published Privacy Policy to stay updated and learn of any modifications of the Privacy Policy. The use of the Company’s products and/or services by the User after the publication of the modified Privacy Policy means that the User has accepted the new conditions of the Privacy Policy.

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