Energy Efficiency of Data Centers

We place IT infrastructure in reliable data centers. The energy efficiency of our data centers is crucial for several reasons. Among them, are reducing energy consumption, minimizing carbon emissions, and improving overall sustainability.

Sustainable IT Services: Environmental Responsibility

We maintain infrastructure in data centers that meet the highest industry standards. IT systems themselves (servers, data storage systems, switches, and firewalls) and supportive systems (air conditioning, IT equipment cooling, etc.) both consume electricity in the data center to provide all the necessary services for our customers.

Continuous investments in modernization and energy efficiency measures of the data centers help to reduce energy consumption, thereby reducing CO2 emissions and ecological footprint.

Energy-Saving Innovations at TelemaxX in 2022-2025

Data center IPC-3

  • Replacing UPS systems with more efficient modular UPS systems
  • Modernization of the cold aisle unit 1
  • Modernization of the cold aisle block 2
  • Chiller upgrade

Data center IPC-4

  • Optimization of UPS systems in energy-saving mode
  • Optimization of NEA preheating by heat recovery/heat pump (planned)
  • Air conditioning flow temperature optimization and cold aisle injection temperature optimization
  • Update of six chillers with new efficient devices
  • Construction of a solar system (planned)
  • A feasibility study on the use of groundwater for data center cooling

Data center IPC-5

  • Solar system on the top floor of MPK-5 from 2022
  • Air conditioning and UPS optimization

Wind-Powered Serverius Data Center

Serverius data center is fully equipped with energy-efficient and environmentally friendly solutions. It uses only 100% Dutch wind electricity produced by wind turbines that meet the requirements of SMK (Stichting Milieukeur). This means that such energy is produced with minimal impact on the environment.

Every stage of electricity production – from building wind turbines to transporting energy into the electrical grid – is accompanied by strict control to minimize CO2 emissions. This allows for receiving maximum CO2 efficiency points.

Serverius is committed to providing reliable IT services. IT services are run on Dutch Wind, CO2 offset diesel, low PUE data center cooling, and private solar panels.

Responsibility towards customers and future generations of people has the highest priority.


This is an indicator of how efficiently the data center uses energy to perform its functions. Data centers consume significant amounts of energy to support their operations, such as processing, storing, and transmitting data. However, there are many ways to improve its energy efficiency and reduce power consumption.

The key indicator of energy efficiency is Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE). The PUE value compares the energy consumed in the data center with the energy consumption of the IT infrastructure that runs in the data center. Currently, the PUE value is between 1.2 and 1.5. This target value is calculated when the data center is fully loaded.

There is a possibility to use green electricity in TelemaxX data centers. TelemaxX receives certified "green" electricity. The production of such electricity occurs with zero CO2 emissions. This means that certified green electricity is an important step towards a climate-friendly IT infrastructure.

When we are talking about certified green electricity, certificates confirm the purchase of electricity with zero CO2 emissions. Green electricity is supplied directly by the renewable energy producer. It is currently possible to obtain certified green electricity from TelemaxX data centers. TelemaxX electricity procurement company assesses the supply of pure green electricity.

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