Service level agreement

SLA is an agreement on the quality of services between the Client and SIM-Networks company. This document defines the requirements for quality of service and responsibility

Service Level Agreement by SIM-NETWORKS

SLA key points

We guarantee the performance of our infrastructure (network connectivity, power, cooling and so on) of no less than 99.9% in the annual statistics.

Average package loss per month will not exceed 0.5%.

Our support team will respond to the client’s requests within 1 (one) hour. Once the Customer Care responds, the client will be provided with the estimated time needed to solve the problem or the confirmation that the problem has been resolved. Emergency solution time:

  • no longer than 12 hours in case of critical issues;
  • no longer than 1 day in case of non-critical issues.

Should our infrastructure's performance notably deviate from the guaranteed values, customers will be compensated according to the table below.

Infrastructure failure or malfunction:

  • 95,1% to 99,0% - 10%
  • 90.1% to 95.0% - 25%
  • 90.0% and less - 60%

As a rule, we schedule the maintenance within our infrastructure from 00:30 to 4:30 Berlin time (UTC +1), and we will make every effort to notify you at least 5 days prior to the start of our maintenance work.

We provide refunds to our clients on these conditions:

  • refunds are available for virtual hosting or virtual servers (VDS). Refunds for other services are subject to exceptional cases and are conducted at the company's discretion;
  • refunds are only available for services ordered for the first time. If a customer orders a hosting service, receives a refund and subsequently orders the same or a similar service again, the refund will be denied;
  • refunds are provided within 10 work days after the note of cancellation;
  • refunds are not provided for web hosting reselling;
  • refunds can be denied in case the client violates the Terms of Service, or if protection measures have been denied by the customer if the resource is not available due to a DDoS-attack;
  • refunds are denied in case a client loses their data after choosing to conduct their own data backup and does not have a recent backup copy of the data;
  • refunds are provided after deducting all applied bonuses and promotions
  • refunds are denied in cases when the services ordered by a client were terminated or blocked as a result of the violation of the Terms and Conditions by the client.

Compensation is not paid out in cash but will be added to the customer's internal account in the billing.

In case of cancellation of virtual hosting or VDS rental within 14 days from the date of activation, a full refund is provided, excluding payment system fees, provided the customer has a serious reason. SLA does not provide compensation for damages or compensation for lost benefits.

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