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How to become a referral agent of SIM-Networks?

What else is important to know about your Referral Program?

Any registered SIM-Networks client can participate in the Referral Program. Simply register on this page and generate a personal referral link.

Referral Program participants receive a cash reward if the customer involved pays for hosting, VDS / VPS, dedicated server, SIM-Cloud or registers a domain. The mandatory condition for accrual of remuneration is the end of the Moneyback period (14 days from the date of payment for the service).

Funds earned through the Referral Program are credited to your billing account on the first day of each month. Withdrawals of accumulated funds are possible only after the expiration of Moneyback. Example: your client paid for services on 20.04. The term of Moneyback (14 days) expires on 05.05, that is the reward will be credited to your account on May 1, but the application for withdrawal can be accepted only after 05.05.

All payments for the Referral Program are made in euros (EUR). You receive a corresponding% of each payment made by your customer spent on the purchase or renewal of services in the previous month. Please note: that no bonus is accrued for paid administration services.

Funds received for participation in the Referral Program can be spent on SIM-Networks services, or transferred to you using any of the supported payment systems within ten working days from the request.

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